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Cholangiocarcinoma - has anyone else experienced a change in the way food tastes?

Hi, I'm Jerry'sWife

My husband was diagnosed in May with Cholangiocarcinoma . After a regime of radiation in order to shrink the tumor (it didn’t), he has had a horrible time with food tasting foul – particularly anything sweet will make his tongue feel like its burning and lasts for several hours. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do? His food staple is hard boiled eggs with lots of salt but his weight is steadily dropping. He is currently doing chemotherapy and not having terrible side effects but I am so concerned that he will be unable to withstand chemo with his weight going down like it is. No one has been able to understand his taste changes let alone offer any sort of help.

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  • Wed Nov 20, 2019
Hi, I'm RUTH E K.

I have just found this discussion. I know your question is dated so did you find another resource to help you? My favorite foods tasted dreadful.

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  • Mon Dec 30, 2019

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